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You don’t always need to be running to a clinic or doctor’s office for most orthopedic pain. But what about that severe back pain, swollen knee or stiff shoulder. What do you tell grandma when she is crying about her painful knee?

First, understand that pain “hurts more” in people who are anxious and under stress. Perhaps some advice on dealing with anxiety or depression will also help them deal with their orthopedic pain. Read Blanda Orthopedics’ facebook blogs for some ideas.

Second, when should someone leave their physical distancing to visit a clinic or physician for orthopedic pain? True non-traumatic orthopedic emergencies are rare but the two most common are infection (increasing pain, swelling, fever, redness,), and fractures or dislocations (trauma that prevents you from bearing weight on that area). These need to be evaluated in an emergency room.

Most all orthopedic pain can be managed at home with a “TEN Point Pain Management Plan”.

1. Stop “adding fuel to the fire”. Decrease whatever you are doing that is causing the pain. Sounds like common sense but not a day goes by in my practice when I don’t have to review this.

2. Apply ice to the area with a thin cloth between the skin and the ice. You can ice for 30 minutes before doing some massage or movement of that area.

3. Elevate the leg or arm higher than your heart to decrease swelling. Massage the swollen area pushing the swelling toward your body. Gentle movement can decrease pain.

4. Use a cane, crutch or walker to take pressure off a painful leg. A walker helps for back pain.

5. Tylenol 1000mg three times a day unless you have a liver disorder.

6. An anti-inflammatory pill such as Aleve or Motrin unless you have medical reasons to avoid these medicines.

7. A TENs unit can be purchased at a drugstore for recurrent problems.

8. All pain is associated with inflammation – avoid inflammatory foods and maximize anti-inflammatory foods.

9. A diffuser with lavender essential oil has been shown to be calming and helpful with pain.

10.Lidoderm patch can be purchased at a drugstore.

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