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Most of us will suffer from recurrent low back or neck pain. What causes these, what can be done, and where do I go for help? At Blanda Orthopedic and Physical Therapy, we get you the proper diagnosis and provide you with a scientifically proven integrative treatment plan that is cost effective.

Some back pain may be caused by a hip or shoulder problem or even an internal organ problem. You need an experienced physician to get you on the right track. Fitness trainers focus on strength and conditioning, chiropractors on manipulation, primary care physicians on medication, pain management centers on narcotics, and spine surgeons on surgery. All too often these providers do not offer a treatment plan that covers all bases and is within your budget.

Many different factors play a role in managing your back pain. Psychosocial issues can contribute to the difficulty in dealing with chronic back pain. Having a compassionate orthopedic specialist that takes the time to listen to you is essential. Everyone knows that weight loss and conditioning can help battle back pain. But how and where do you begin? Our team can give you the knowledge and confidence to get started in the right direction.

Health care has become unnecessarily expensive and we are sensitive to that at Blanda Orthopedics. Do you really need that MRI or can an experienced clinician give you the proper diagnosis? Are expensive injections required to get better? Why are x-rays so much more expensive at certain facilities? How many treatments are really needed or can I be taught a self-care program? Why do I get recurrences every six months?

At Blanda Orthopedics and Physical Therapy, we provide compassionate and scientifically proven individualized management plans that won’t break your back or your bank.

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