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There are several lifestyle habits that can keep you healthier and more likely to avoid many serious diseases. Living in this manner can result in a less painful life and help you save money.

Body weight is an important factor in avoiding and recovering from orthopedic problems. Excess body weight has been associated with more frequent arthritis flare-ups as well as a more difficult time recovering from injuries or surgery. Other ill effects of obesity are well known. However, the obesity problem is at an epidemic level and it does not have a simple solution for those struggling with it. At Blanda Orthopedic and Physical Therapy we instruct our patients on how to manage their bodyweight as part of their management plan. We have seen excellent results in many patients helping them avoid surgery or recover from it safer and quicker.

Some general points we teach and encourage include following an anti-inflammatory nutrition plan, exercising without further damaging a painful body part and learning how to better protect a troublesome joint.

Managing your bodyweight through proper eating habits can be cheaper than the way you are eating now. Healthy foods are not necessarily more expensive. Since leading a healthy lifestyle keeps you away from the hospital, you will also save money with lower medical expenses.

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