Can You Live With a Worn Out Knee and Avoid a Knee Replacement?

August 11, 2017




 Maybe, but it will take a lot of work on your part.


First, you need to find out just how bad your knee is and be sure it is managed by a combination of scientifically proven treatments.  Osteoarthritis of the knee does more than cause pain in your knee. It results in leg weakness, and decreases the range of motion in your knee - both of which can cause permanent deficits if not managed properly. At Blanda Orthopedics we will fully assess the condition of your knee and leg, and recommend a comprehensive treatment plan to help you function better and avoid permanent weakness or stiffness that can hinder your ability to walk as you age. 


Secondly, you need to put time and effort into a knee management plan similar to how a patient with diabetes or asthma successfully controls their condition. You cannot cure or stop the progression of knee arthritis, however, you may be able to manage it to a level that allows you to be as active and comfortable. Too many patients want a quick fix. Some even requesting surgery without trying nonsurgical treatments. They are mistakenly convinced that surgery is a quick fix without any risks or effort on their part.


Lastly, successful management of knee osteoarthritis requires a team effort. At Blanda Orthopedics and Physical Therapy, we work with you providing the latest treatments and procedures to help you keep your knee functioning properly. By working with an experienced team, you will know if you are following the right plan to keep your knee healthy and not let it get too far deteriorated, so that if and when the times comes for a total knee replacement, you will end up with a good surgical outcome. 

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