Avoiding Holiday Arthritis Pain

October 17, 2017



Halloween candy, apple cider doughnuts, turkey stuffing, mashed potatoes, Christmas cookies and pie. The holidays on their way,


Holidays are marked with over indulgence of spending and eating. During this time, keep in mind the effects of overeating on your body, and your joint & arthritis pain.


Sugar tops the list of inflammatory foods. This comes in the form of potatoes, pasta, bread, rice, flour, muffins, cookies, cake, soda, and alcohol. Avoiding these during the holiday season, or at the very least, minimizing your intake, will help avoid flare ups of knee, back, shoulder, and other arthritis pain. Limiting these foods full of sugar will not only control arthritis pain but also maintain a healthy weight.


Practicing mindful eating will help develop healthier eating habits for the holidays and your lifetime. Mindful eating involves listening to what your body is telling you about hunger and satisfaction, by having an awareness of the taste, textures, thoughts, and feelings you are having - instead of putting food into your mouth almost unconsciously, not really even tasting your food. Mindlessly overeating. Mindless eating becomes even more pronounced during holidays, social events, stress, boredom, and cravings, and becomes a bad habit.


Remember the holidays are for fellowship - spending time with family and friends, and enjoying holiday activities. Having a plan before the holidays arrive, along with being in the present and eating mindfully, will reduce pain and weight gain.



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