“I have been a patient of the Blanda team for a total knee replacement with therapy and shoulder therapy. I received quality care and expertise from everyone in the practice. The individual attention and “hands-on” physical therapy in a friendly but professional environment defines their success. At 68, my recovery and return to full activity including tennis is the proof”. 


-Karen Poulos


“Best orthopedic doctor ever!!!  We have been seeing him since 1995.  We have had two total knees and a rotator cuff repair. Our daughter had a successful knee scope. Dr Blanda and his PT team helped us and many of our friends with other problems not needing surgery. I appreciate how they work together as a team.  The front office is so friendly and they always answer the phone in person."


-Betty and Dennis Nagy

"I had a total knee replacement 3 weeks ago. The surgery went very well and I am totally satisfied with the care at Blanda Orthopedics. They really care how your recovery is progressing and your well being. They also value your time. You never have to wait very long and they work to get you in on a short notice. Highly recommend."

-Robin Gibson

"My experience with surgery and physical therapy afterward has been great.  We tried other treatments first which made me feel comfortable and better prepared me for the surgery. Following Dr. Blanda's pre-op plan really helped my recovery. The office staff and physical therapy team are fantastic.  I will recommend my friends to Blanda Orthopedics and Physical Therapy in the future."

- Agnes Kovach

"The Staff at Blanda Orthopedics is great.  Dr. Blanda repaired my left shoulder in 2015 and the PT team helped me back to my strenuous job.  I tore my right rotator cuff this year and had it repaired four weeks ago.  I didn't even need any pain pills other than tylenol and aleve.  Dr. Blanda and his staff have worked closely with me and have always answered all my questions.  I can't thank them enough."

- Ken Hogue

“Dr Blanda and his team really prepared me for the surgery. It wasn’t nearly as bad as I expected because I felt prepared.  I was back on the ball room dance floor in 6 weeks.  Now I’m back to dancing 2-3 hrs/day, 2 or 3 times a week, and my knee feels better than it has in years.”

- Ed Jones

 “Dr Blanda gave me direction and motivation to lose weight during my first appointment with him.  My knees were very bad.  We couldn’t help my knee without surgery, so I had a knee replacement in September of 2016.  I continued to follow his anti-inflammatory diet.  My left knee replacement in 2017 was much easier and I attribute that to being better prepared and eating properly.  I have lost 65 pounds in a year and a half. I feel great and my knees are doing wonderful."

- Barbara Davis

“I was able to climb those mountains in West Virginia this deer season for the first time in five years.”  William reports that the pre-surgical conditioning and therapy afterward helped him recover quicker.  He had his left knee replaced on May 9, 2017, and his right knee was replaced on June 9, 2015.  William states he has told several of his friends about Blanda Orthopedics.

- William Salge

“The team at Blanda Orthopedics was great. Dr Blanda made me feel comfortable and confident.  If you follow how he teaches you to prepare for you knee replacement, you will do well. I went back to my seated job in two weeks because I was so prepared in advance. I didn’t need any pain medicine after I left the hospital in two days. Dr Blanda and his staff prepared me to deal with the pain with safer options"

- Rebecca Gable, Total Knee Replacement 3/28/17

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